Steve Dubois - french composer electronic music and songwriter

About Steve

Steve Dubois is a French composer of electronic music.

Steve’s musical journey began in childhood, captivated by the soundscapes of Jean Michel Jarre, Moby, Air and many others.

At the age of eight, following the broadcast of the title « Equinoxe 4 » by the French pioneer (JMJ) and a keyboard given for Christmas, his destiny was sealed. It was more than a gift, it was a door opened to a world of creativity and expression.

It was in Lisbon, in 2019, that his true musical adventure began. Far from home, a new source of inspiration was found and his creativity completely exploded.

His musical style « Electronica » is a mix of Electro Downtempo, Chill Out, Synthwave and Ambient. Although a master keyboard is still used for composing, Computer Assisted Music (CAM) has become his main creation tool.

For him, music is much more than notes and melodies. It’s a universal language, a way to communicate emotions and messages. Convinced of the power of sound vibrations and their ability to touch people deep within themselves.

He firmly believes that instrumental music offers a unique freedom, whether it is generated by a physical or electronic instrument. It does not dictate a specific message, but leaves the listener the freedom to interpret and feel in his own way. It is this freedom that makes music such a personal and powerful experience.

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