Soundscapes Vol.1 – Calming Sounds & Ambient Music

Soundscapes Vol.1 – Calming Sounds & Ambient Music
1 Soundscapes Vol.1

About Album

Convinced of the benefits of music and sound in general, I have created this new soundtrack: “Soundscapes Vol.1 – Calming Sounds & Ambient Music”.

1 hour of seamless music composed with soothing sounds.

This one-hour album invites you to an immersive experience, an uninterrupted sonic journey.

This music is designed to minimize distractions, allowing you to achieve optimal performance.

Whether it’s for studying, working, or simply immersing yourself in a space of creativity and relaxation, this album is your key to a harmonious and distraction-free workflow.

This soundscape seamlessly integrates into your daily life, creating an atmosphere conducive to concentration and efficiency.

Listen, relax, and let yourself be transported to unparalleled productivity.


Perfect for:

🙇 your deep focus moments,

📖 your reading sessions,

😎 your relaxation breaks,

🤸 your yoga classes,

😴 your bedtime.


These sounds are also suitable for businesses: wellness centers, spas, workspaces.


The album is available on the Insight Timer platform :

👉🏼 🎧


Happy listening!

Release Date
2 January 2024
Soundscapes Vol.1 - Calming Sounds & Ambient Music
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