1 Ralentir et Sourire

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« Ralentir et Sourire » is here.
A new challenge, today is the day.

I’ve merged my electronic roots with the art of slam poetry.
Personally, this desire was new, bold. It was just waiting to blossom.

A new way of creating, with its own set of questions:
– How to write?
– How to alternate verses and choruses?
– How to merge lyrics and music?

Beyond a musical release, it’s a personal revelation, an escape from my usual paths.
An expression of an intimate need to express myself, driven by Life itself.

This creation was born from a revelation, an epiphany during my expatriation to Lisbon.
There, I discovered a different rhythm of life, a different culture.

To my eyes, it knows better how to savor time, to find happiness in the simplicity of everyday life.

« Ralentir et Sourire » is this echo.
A reaction to rampant consumption, to forgetting what’s essential.

The rhythm of this song is an intentional contrast.
Dynamic, it dances around the words, providing balance with the depth of the lyrics.

🇧🇷 🇵🇹 Douglas, my partner, brings his Brazilian-Portuguese touch with his voice tinted with exoticism.
A ray of light in the seriousness of the theme.

His vocal presence is a reminder that it’s in depth that we find joy and our own fulfillment.

Running to go faster, but where to? 🤔

« Ralentir et Sourire » is now available on all streaming platforms.

It’s my invitation to everyone to slow down, smile, and feel every moment intensely.
It’s up to us to take the time and praise slowness

Release Date
1 December 2023

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